Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol

Pure Green Coffee Bean with Svetol® from Genesis Today is a particularly powerful product formulated with two kinds of natural, unroasted green coffee bean extract for twice the effect. It’s standardized to include a powerful mixture of chlorogenic acids coupled with various natural active compounds, which have been proven to encourage healthy weight management, fat reduction and blood glucose levels. This blended, polyphenol-rich green coffee bean extract is rich in antioxidants and low in caffeine, which aids cardiovascular function and weight control but without the jitters linked to overstimulation.Green Coffee Bean with Svetol

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Important Health Advantages

Weight Management

Green coffee bean extract has a beneficial affect on weight management, by triggering the decrease of body weight as well as body fat. It provides the natural means to stimulate metabolic rate and influence the body’s capacity to resist fat build-up and fat removal without the need of stimulants or considerable amounts of caffeine.*

The thing that makes Pure Green Coffee Bean with Svetol® better still isn’t just that it includes top quality, pure, unroasted green coffee bean extract with a minimum of 45% chlorogenic acids but it also includes Svetol®, the sole extract with caffeic acids, 3-4-5 caffeoylquinic acids and dicaffeolyquinic acids. Research has shown that Svetol® is clinically shown to be bioavailable (easily absorbed), safe, as well as efficient at burning fat and losing weight.

Healthy Blood Glucose Levels

The potency and effectiveness of Pure Green Coffee Bean with Svetol® is what makes this dietary supplement all the more effective at suppressing the production and absorption of increased glucose (sugar) into the bloodstream. By encouraging healthy blood glucose and levels of insulin, this behavior helps prevent excessive sugar from circulating in the bloodstream and being absorbed by the body.*

Healthy Cardiovascular Function & Blood Pressure Levels

The standardized concentration of chlorogenic acids in this raw, green coffee bean extract work as heart-protective antioxidants that combine with lower density lipoproteins (LDL cholesterol), guarding them from oxidation. Along with other natural active ingredients, the chlorogenic acids aid healthy blood pressure levels by controlling homocysteine levels and encouraging the integrity and performance of blood vessels.


This exceptional combination of wild-harvested green coffee bean and Svetol® extract has more potent chlorogenic acids, polyphenols, together with other natural ingredients which have potent antioxidant benefits, that promote free radical scavenging within the body and also aid healthy cell function.

What is Svetol?

Svetol includes a special green coffee bean (Coffea canephora robusta) from Africa, that is extracted using a first-class, traditional method that protects and ensures the structure of its beneficial, natural active ingredients: polyphenols, chlorogenic acids, caffeic acids (3-4-5-caffeoylquinic acids & dicaffeoylquinic acids), and less than 2% caffeine.

What are chlorogenic acids, and what makes them beneficial?

Studies show that intake of ample levels of chlorogenic acids can help with weight management. These natural active ingredients prevent increased intestinal absorption of glucose (sugar), which might make it possible to control more healthy blood glucose and levels of insulin. When blood glucose levels are low, chlorogenic acids limit the production of more glucose into the bloodstream from the liver, driving the body to burn off body fat for energy.